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Ricky Gomez: Stage II Diffuse Astrocytoma

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Hello! I have not shared a blog post in awhile, but have been wanting to get this one written for awhile now about Ricky! We highlighted Ricky on our Facebook page when we shared a picture of him with a BFF Bag. Ricky is 12 years old and lives in Virginia. He was diagnosed at 13 months old. His diagnosis was terminal, but 10 years later he is still fighting. He has relapsed multiple times, and now has 2 brain tumors that are inoperable. One is on his cerebellum and the other on his brain stem. He has had countless rounds of chemo, 3 surgeries, hundreds of CT scans and MRI'S. This is so much on a little kid. He has also been diagnosed with ADHD, autism and chemo brain. The cerebellum contains about 50% of all neurons in our brain, that control things such as posture, balance, coordination and speech. The brain stem controls all basic body functions, such as breathing, swallowing, heart rate and blood pressure. Can you imagine having tumors sitting there? Causing all sorts of disruption in how your body functions. Regardless, Ricky still is an amazing kid, that wants to be an officer one day! Please keep Ricky in your thoughts as he continues to fight this awful disease.

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